that create
an atmosphere

Since 1969, our passion has been to enhance american essay writers the harmony of your surroundings with unique solutions for window decoration which convey creativity and emotion.



We constantly seek synergy
between practicality and beauty

At BBLine, we periodically renew our production with innovative interesting proposal essay topics solutions, to combine functionality with aesthetics and enhance the harmony of the window.
Our patented systems are details that warm the environment.


Extendable window rods »
Curtain accessories »
Modular accessories Ø 11mm »
Curtain rod kits in steel, iron and wood FSC® »
Modular steel accessories »
Modular wrought iron accessories »
Modular wooden accessories certified FSC® »
Magnetic tiebacks and curtain fasteners »
Accessories for the home »


Our technical staff, who are always available to the client, aim to constantly improve our products and services, including through personalisation of both the article and the packaging.
Now, we are offering these same services internationally, offering even our foreign customers the level of care that sets us apart for direct, punctual deliveries and careful attention to the relationship between retailer and supplier.


We offer display solutions
tailored to our clients’ needs.

Thanks to our flexibility and high level of operational organisation, at BBLine we are able to follow the Client throughout their creative process, creating extremely attractive custom displays, regardless of space availability. In this way, we create not just a display of our range for our Client, but a real, immersive experience for their Consumers.

Our display layouts



Visual merchandising


Personalised packaging

Our videos
on youtube

We have curated a range of additional services to facilitate self service.
One of the highlights of these is the provision of monitors with video tutorials to make it easier to understand how to use the products. Firm believers in the effectiveness of images in grabbing the customer’s attention more immediately, we have created videos that encourage immediate use of the product, enhancing its utilisation.

We are committed to the
themes of Sustainable and
Responsible Consumption.

We have made this short video to summarize our constant commitment to protecting the environment and sustainable development.


A national and international network

Our products can be found in all the best DIY centres both in Italy and abroad.

Contact Us

Via E. Fermi, 9 — 24036 Ponte San Pietro (BG) — Italy
Tel. +39.035.339114 — Fax +39.035.339180

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