“We are confident that development is real only if it improves quality of life in a lasting way.”
We have therefore chosen to opt for a paradigm essay writing sites shift and create synergy between sustainability and business.
One of the first innovations we are introducing is our environmentally-friendly paint system, “VibroEcoPaint®”, created to solve problems related to the management of paints. We have also decided to invest even more heavily in environmental sustainability, and since October 2007, we can boast an FSC® certification, which ensures the origin of the wood used in our products, promoting sustainable forest management.
We chose not to stop there: in 2012, we started using our new EcoPack packaging which, besides contributing greatly to the environment, adds considerable advantages in terms of goods exhibition, transport and storage. Our goal is to convert 100% of our packaging into EcoPack.
“Social responsibility and environmental college proposal ideas protection are now an integral part of our business growth plans, to guarantee ourselves and future generations ecological and economic development and a better quality of life.”


Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) è un’organizzazione internazionale non governativa e no-profit che promuove in tutto il mondo una gestione delle foreste e delle piantagioni basata su rigorosi parametri ambientali e sociali, validi in tutto il mondo. Il marchio sui prodotti assicura che il legno in essi contenuto proviene da una gestione responsabile delle foreste: ecologicamente appropriata, socialmente utile ed economicamente valida. Uno speciale sistema di certificazione della gestione forestale e della rintracciabilità del legno (Chain of Custody, COC), e l’etichettatura dei prodotti permettono al consumatore finale di distinguere i prodotti certificati e di scegliere, così, di contribuire in modo diretto a promuovere una gestione responsabile delle foreste in tutto il mondo.

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Since 2012 we have decided to invest in environmental sustainability. Social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate growth plans because it is no longer seen as a cost but as an opportunity. The FSC certification of our products and the creation of an eco-building kit, as well as giving a great contribution to the environment, brings significant benefits in terms of exhibition, transport and storage of goods.