Our future is green


“We are confident that development is real only if it improves quality of life in a lasting way.”
We have therefore chosen to opt for a paradigm essay writing sites shift and create synergy between sustainability and business.
One of the first innovations we are introducing is our environmentally-friendly paint system, “VibroEcoPaint®”, created to solve problems related to the management of paints. We have also decided to invest even more heavily in environmental sustainability, and since October 2007, we can boast an FSC® certification, which ensures the origin of the wood used in our products, promoting sustainable forest management.
We chose not to stop there: in 2012, we started using our new EcoPack packaging which, besides contributing greatly to the environment, adds considerable advantages in terms of goods exhibition, transport and storage. Our goal is to convert 100% of our packaging into EcoPack.
“Social responsibility and environmental college proposal ideas protection are now an integral part of our business growth plans, to guarantee ourselves and future generations ecological and economic development and a better quality of life.”

Request FSC® certified products

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organisation that globally promotes a system of forest and plantation management that is
based on rigorous environmental and social parameters that are valid the whole world over. The logo on products ensures that the wood they contain comes from responsibly-managed
forests: environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. A special system of certification of forest management and traceability for wood (Chain of Custody, COC), and product labelling enable end consumers to distinguish certified products and therefore to choose to contribute directly to promoting responsible forest management worldwide.

Even the packaging
becomes sustainable

We have developed our Ecopack, a sustainable form of packaging that eliminates the use of PVC. Furthermore, Ecopack reduces bulk for transportation and allows for an increase in the number
of products displayed.

Winner of numerous awards for innovation and a reduction in environmental impact.

The CONAI System, the National Packaging Consortium, is a leading institution that promotes, coordinates and guarantees the recovery and the recycling of materials originating from the
separation of disposed packaging. It is a private, non-profit consortium that represents the response of private businesses to a problem of common interest, the environment, with
regards to guidelines and goals set by the political system.
BBline has been an associate of the CONAI system for more than 20 years, and we have been actively collaborating with the organisation since 2013. By using the instruments provided by
the consortium, we have developed our eco-packaging, creating a revolution in the DIY/large-scale retail world.