Our Story

Born from a profound vocation for woodworking, BBLine has been committed for two generations to creating new ways to interpret the art of window decoration.
Our long history is marked by the essay helper constant search for innovative solutions in the knowledge that details can completely transform the identity of our homes.
This is why – along with client collaboration, combined with a modern business approach and our high level of efficiency and production capacity – we are able to offer a complete range of high-performance items in terms of sales and retail turnover. The decision to use advanced technology for receiving orders (such as EDI and Web-EDI) allows us to guarantee an excellent service in terms of prompt delivery and after-sales service. Our technical staff, who are always available to the client, aim to constantly improve our products and services, including through personalisation of both the article and the packaging.
Now, we are offering these same services internationally, offering even our foreign customers the level of care that sets us apart for direct, punctual deliveries and careful attention to the relationship between retailer and supplier.

Convinced that the value of a company and its products lies mainly in its respect of human relationships and the relationship between people and the environment they live in, we have moved towards both sustainable good proposal essay ideas management of our products and the creation of a fair work-life balance. This led us to develop a Code of Ethics which blends corporate values and represents the careful choice of a new idea of the future.